In-game and Forum Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Jan 17 (All) Drinking Tournament: Noon or Night Win an Orange/Light Blue Parrot!
Jan 21 (All) Competition: All Land Puzzles! Win a Grey Monkey!
Jan 28-31 (All) Step aboard the portrait ship! Celebrate Chinese New Year on board the 'Year of the Rooster'!
Jan 29 (All) Step aboard the portrait ship! Show off yer puzzling abilities by posing on board 'Getting Incredibles' or 'Booching Badly'!

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

Date Location
Jan 2017 Pacific NW USA Meet up! - Seattle, WA
18-21 Aug 2017 Dutch Meetup 2017 - Delft, Netherlands