In-game and Forum Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Feb 18 (All) Step aboard the portrait ship! The anniversary of Pluto's discovery; remember when it was a planet? - step board 'Missing Pluto'
Feb 22 (All) Competition: All Sea Puzzles! Win a Red Octopus!
Feb 28 (All) Step aboard the portrait ship! Mardi Gras! Step on board the fine vessel 'celebrating Mardi Gras'!
Feb 28 (All) Design a Trophy! Offer up a trophy design for the Unofficial 2017 Dutch Meetup!
Mar 2 (All) EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game - Your egg design in the game!

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

Date Location
28 Feb 2017 Design a trinket for the Dutch Meetup
18-21 Aug 2017 Dutch Meetup 2017 - Delft, Netherlands