Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Apr 22 (All) Galene Goes Green! - Celebrate Earth Day and win new items!
Apr 24 (All) Treasure Drop Tournament - Win a Light Blue Octopus!
Apr 26 (All) Bilge, Gunning, Shipwrightery, Weaving Competition - Win a Yellow Monkey!
Apr 28 (All) Sailing, Carpentry, Distilling Competition - Win a Yellow / Aqua Parrot!
Apr 30 (All) Lagniappe's Shack Decorating Contest - Win Gilded Furniture !
Apr 30 (All) Create Seasonal Summer Trinkets - Your design in the game!
May 15 (All) LE Portrait Background Outposts and Uncolonized Islands - Your design in the game!