Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Oct 18 (All) Spooky Brew Drinking - Win an Orange Monkey!
Oct 19 (All) Alchemistry, Carpentry Competition - Win a Brown Monkey!
Oct 21 (All) Rattling Chains Rumble - Win a Dark Brown Octopus!
Oct 22 (All) Limited Edition Portrait Background - Getting Ready for Winter Edition!
Oct 22 (All) Alchemistry, Sailing Competition - Win an Orange Octopus!
Oct 24 (All) Tricky Treats Treasure Drop - Win an Orange/Black Parrot!
Oct 25 (All) Alchemistry, Shipwrightery Competition - Win a Lime Octopus!
Oct 29 (All) Pumpkin Carving Contest 2014 - Win a familiar!
Oct 29 (All) Piercing Screams Swordfighting - Win a Black/Brown Parrot!
Oct 30 (All) Alchemistry, Distilling Competition - Win a Lime / Black Parrot!
Nov 5 (All) Bambeh's Birthday Artfest! - Win a portrait, pets and more!
Nov 9 (All) Seasonal Winter Trinket Contest - Your design in the game!