In-game and Forum Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
June 24 (All) Take your Dog to work day! Portrait ship: Best Friends Fur-ever
June 24 (All) Candy is Dandy: Drinking! - Win a Grey Octopus!
June 25 (All) Blacksmithing, Distilling, Foraging! - Win a Peach Octopus!
June 26 (All) The War Has Just Begun: Rumble! - Win a Grey/Violet Parrot!
June 26 (Cerulean) A Nu Bedtime Story - Island Giveaway Event!
June 30 (All) Carpentry, Patching, Bilging! - Win an Orange Monkey!
June 30 (All) I'm Supporting TeamPurple! - Photoshop Nemesis or Cronus into a #TeamPurple portrait and win a Hera Egg!
July 1st (Emerald) Xmas in July 2016: 24hr Grandfrig Pillage - Have fun and win lots of prizes!

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

Date Location
Jul 29 - Aug 1 Dutch Meetup 2016! - The Netherlands
Jan 2017 Pacific NW USA Meet up! - Seattle, WA