Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
This month (All) December Not-Daily Doodles - Come and doodle twice a week!
Dec 19 (All) Distilling, Carpentry Competition - Win a White / Green Parrot!
Dec 20 (All) Pirate Parrty with the OMs! - Tournaments, Monsters and More!
Dec 23 (All) Treasured Moments Treasure Drop - Win a Green Octopus!
Dec 24 (All) Distilling, Blacksmithing, Alchemistry Competition - Win a Red / White Parrot!
Dec 26 (All) Warm Mittens Rumble - Win a Red Monkey!
Dec 27 (Emerald) Hunter's Party! - Celebrate the season on a party boat!
Dec 28 (All) Frosted Mugs Drinking - Win a Yellow / White Parrot!
Dec 31 (All) Every Single Puzzle Competition! - Win a Green Octopus!
Jan 15 (All) LE Portrait Background Sea Shanties Aplenty Edition - Your design in the game!