Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Jan 25 (Cerulean) Royal Rumble is Back! Event Blockade - Win an Island!
Jan 25 (All) Rigging Competition - Win an Almond Monkey for 1st Overall!
Jan 25 (All) Cold, Hard Cash Treasure Drop - Win a Grey/Lime Parrot!
Jan 29 (All) Sailing, Gunning, Carpentry, Navigation - Win a Mint / Aqua Parrot for 1st Overall!
Jan 29 (All) Shipwrightery, Blacksmithing, Alchemistry, Weaving - Win an Aqua / Mint Parrot for 1st Overall!
Jan 29 (All) Ice Yer Knuckles Rumble - Win a Lime Octopus!
Feb 5 (Cerulean) Poetry & Short Story contest - Win Ostreum Island!
Feb 7 (All) Seasonal Spring Trinkets Contest - Your design in the Palace Shoppe!
Feb 15 (All) LE Portrait Background Celtic/Luck/Spring Edition - Your design in the game!
Feb 21 (Cerulean) Midsummer Knights' Ice Box Sloop Race - Win Ice Boxes!