Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Aug 25 (All) Blacksmithing, Bilge Competition - Win a Blue Grey Parrot for 1st Overall!
Aug 25 (All) Yarrrd Sale Treasure Drop - Win a Violet Octopus!
Aug 30 (All) Campfire Skewers Swordfighting - Win a Grey Monkey!
Aug 31 (All) Alchemistry, Carpentry Competition - Win a Navy Octopus for 1st Overall!
Sep 12 (Cerulean) Dies Irae presents: Island Giveaway Pass the Baton - Win an island!
Sep 15 (All) LE Portrait Background Halloween/ Day of the Dead/ Autumn Edition - Your design in the game!
Sep 20 (Cerulean) Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum Lagniappe's branding contest - Win an unnamed krakling!