Upcoming Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Jul 23 (All) Sailing, Gunning, Patching Competition – Win an Orange Monkey
Jul 24 (All) Take a Dive Rumbling - Win an Orange Octopus
Jul 27 (All) Rigging, Sailing, Carpentry, Patching, Bilge Competition – Win a Orange / Lemon Parrot
Jul 30 (All) Oceans o' Rum Drinking - Win an Orange / Persimmon Parrot
Jul 31 (All) Create Seasonal Trinkets - Your design in the game!
Aug 15 (All) Limited Edition Portrait Background - Literature & Pirates Edition!
Aug 20 (Cerulean) Rum or Rum Rum or More Rum! -Design a label or a bottle of rum and win!