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Gold Boxes

Gold Boxes are available for purchase from any Gold Safe furniture item for the sum of 12 Doubloons, or 25,000 Pieces of Eight on subscription oceans. Gold Safes can be reliably found inside the Bank on any major island.

Gold Boxes will only be available in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Gold Safes will only sell the boxes for 10 days at a time, starting at 10:00 AM Pirate Standard Time on the first Friday of these months, and ending at 3:00 PM Pirate Standard Time on the 10th day.


The prizes that can be found inside Gold Boxes are listed below, along with their probability of appearance. Box contents and odds may change in future versions.

  • 0.1% - Chameleon Familiar (secondary colors rotate by month)
  • 0.2% - Patchy Fox Pet (fur and handkerchief, rotates by month)
  • 0.4% - Tan Familiar: One of Parrot, Octopus, or Monkey
  • 1% - Gold Chroma
  • 1% - Crystal Ball Furniture (colors rotate by month)
  • 1% - Empty Golden Piggy Bank Furniture
  • 1% - Gold Dread Mask
  • 1% - Golden Conquistador Armor
  • 1% - Knight's Helm
  • 1.3% - Gold Pet: One of Rat, Cat, Elephant, Seal, or Hedgehog
  • 6% - Temporary Hair Dye (colors vary by month)
  • 8% - Seasonal Color Chroma
  • 9% - Golden Piggy Bank
  • 14% - One of the following Gold Box Furniture:
    • Gilded Wardrobe (acts as fancy wardrobe)
    • Gilded Easel (acts as portrait easel)
    • Gilded Display Case (acts as large trinket case)
    • Gold Banner
    • Gold Crossed Swords
    • Gilded End Table
    • Gilded Table
    • Gilded Sofa
    • Golden Armor Skelly
    • Gold Armor with Sword
    • Gold Armor with Spear
    • Gilded Chair
    • Gilded Bookcase
    • Gilded Bed
  • 20% - Seasonal Color Gold Box Trinket
  • 35% - Gold Box Trinket: One of 20 different types unique to the Gold Box

Prize Info


The Chameleon familiar is a color-changing familiar that is exclusive to the Gold Box. Its primary color will change to match the primary color of your pirate's torso clothing. Chameleon secondary colors do not change and the selection available in the Gold Box will rotate by month:

  • April - Grey, Green, Light Blue, Persimmon
  • June - Orange, Light Green, Navy Blue
  • August - Red, Lime, Aqua
  • October - Maroon, Brown, Violet
  • December - Magenta, White, Mint
  • February - Pink, Yellow, Blue

Patchy Foxes

The Patchy Fox is a pet that is exclusively available from Gold Boxes. Patchy Foxes like to wear pirate attire and scheme. They are also adorable and they know this. Patchy Fox color combinations will rotate by month:

  • April - Fur color: Chestnut - Handkerchief colors: Spring Green, Green, Emerald
  • June - Fur color: Persimmon - Handkerchief colors: Aqua, Blue, Navy Blue
  • August - Fur color: Gold - Handkerchief colors: Red, Black, White
  • October - Fur color: Orange - Handkerchief colors: White, Black, Purple
  • December - Fur color: Maroon - Handkerchief colors: Light Green, Banana, White
  • February - Fur color: Blue Grey - Handkerchief colors: Maroon, Rose, Red

Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks are a type of Miscellaneous item. Cracking one open destroys the Piggy Bank and grants your pirate the PoE contained inside. The Golden Piggy Banks found in the Gold Box contain a minimum of 20,000 PoE, with chances of receiving even larger amounts.

Rarely, Gold Boxes may bestow players with an Empty Golden Piggy Bank that does not have any PoE inside, but instead can be placed in a building or on a ship as a furniture item. Empty Golden Piggy Banks are purely decorative. They cannot be cracked open and cannot store PoE.

Gold Box Trinkets

Gold Box Trinkets can be traded into any Trading Post for a variety of unique rewards.

  • Gold Safe furniture - 5 trinkets, 25,000 PoE
  • Golden Sea Turtle - 1 of each Gold Box trinket type, 35,000 PoE
  • Dragon Figurehead Design (narrow) - 5 trinkets, 75,000 PoE
  • Gold Class Sloop Design - 8 trinkets, 100,000 PoE
  • Dragon Figurehead Design (medium) - 8 trinkets, 100,000 PoE
  • Gold Class War Brig Design - 10 trinkets, 150,000 PoE
  • Dragon Figurehead Design (broad) - 10 trinkets, 150,000 PoE
  • Gold Class War Frigate Design - 15 trinkets, 250,000 PoE

Seasonal Colors

The seasonal color applied to trinkets and chromas available from the Gold Box will rotate by month:

  • April - Spring Green
  • June - Banana
  • August - Plum
  • October - Chocolate
  • December - Wine
  • February - Ice Blue

Temporary Hair Dye

These potions are Miscellaneous items that can be used to temporarily give your pirate unnatural hair colors. Color availability varies by month.

  • April - Bottled bluebeard (blue)
  • June - Pink pomade (pink)
  • August - Mossy mousse (green)
  • October - Violet volumizer (purple)
  • December - Scarlet shampoo (red)
  • February - All!

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls are desktop furniture items that can be used to read your pirate's daily fortune. Color availability varies by month.

  • April - Lime
  • June - Purple
  • August - Orange
  • October - Black
  • December - Blue
  • February - Red

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