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2007 Reindeer Games

As in previous years, we are celebrating Christmas, the solstice, and various other winter-related festivities with a Puzzle Pirates competition. However, we're sending off 2007 with a slightly bigger bang: this year, we have some extra great presents for participating pirates!


This year's "Reindeer Games" competition will involve the players on every Ocean:

Checking the team icon on a pirate.
  • Every pirate is assigned to a team. Each team is named for a member of Santa's gang of notorious rough-housing reindeer.
  • You can check how each team is doing on the "competition tab" on the Notice Board, as with previous competitions.
  • You find your particular reindeer allegiance either by checking the competition tab or by clicking on your pirate. As in previous competitions, your team mascot is displayed next to your picture.
  • Every "one on one" challenge you engage in and win against a player from another team will score one point for your team.
  • For convenience, you can click on other pirates to see to which team they belong. The more you fight people on other teams, the more you help your team to victory. If you're good, that is.
  • The competition ends on January 2nd. At that time, participating players will receive trophies based on how their team performed.

An example of the competition standings.

In addition to the trophies, we will select a player from the winning team on each Ocean to receive a fabulous Puzzle Pirates iPod as a fitting salute to the end of 2007 and the beginning of a New Year!

To be clear: You will be eligible for the Reindeer Games commemorative Puzzle Pirates iPod if you participate in the competition and end up on the winning team. One player from each of the six Oceans will be selected at random on January 2nd. We will only announce the specific winners with their approval, but will certainly let you know when the draw occurs!

If you're the winner of an iPod, we will contact you using the e-mail address currently registered with your account. If we haven't received a response in one (1) week, we'll count the prize forfeited and will select another winner based on the same criteria above.

We're also planning to give another 11 iPods away to round out the year. You can learn more about that if you read about our Great iPod Extravaganza.

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