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Reporting a Problem

The following places have live pirates able to assist you:


  • Complaints about other pirates which are reviewed by Ocean Masters.
  • Petitions, which are answered by Ocean Masters and provide official help from the support staff.
  • Greeters, who are volunteer players with pink names who try to answer new players' questions - you can reach them by clicking "Tell a Greeter" from the ingame Help panel
  • A bug report can be filed from the Help button ingame, allowing you to report problems and bugs in the game itself, rather than problems with players in the game environment. Bug reports are not responded to individually, but each one is read.



  • The server status page indicates the status of all ocean and community servers.
  • The Puzzle Pirates Forums contain many helpful references, ideas, and pirates.
  • The YPPedia is a compendium of knowledge about Puzzle Pirates, with encyclopedic articles about each aspect of the game. Best yet, every old salt can contribute his or her wisdom to the common pool of knowledge!

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