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Voyage Types

Voyage Configuration

Vessels may be sailing about for a variety of purposes. To reflect what the captain is trying to achieve, the voyage configuration panel, accessible from the ship's wheel or the navigation table, allows ye to select from several types of voyages. By default all vessels are Pillaging. Some types of voyages allow additional parameters to be set.

The voyage configuration affects how jobbers are paid for their work and potentially what vessels ye encounter. If the navigator is steering the vessel well, ye'll be more likely to find the types of Brigands or Barbarians ye're lookin' for and avoid those ye aren't. If she's not, the seas only know what ye'll find. Additionally, if ye approach a vessel which is a type ye're seeking, the ship will automatically attempt to attack it.

Check your ship's Configure Voyage screen for a listing of types available to you and your hearties! The full list of voyage types is below:

Official configurevoyage.png
  • Pillaging - The vessel is actively seeking other vessels to battle. The difficulty and their fighting style are configurable. Additionally, whether yer interested in attacking other player vessels is configurable.
  • Trading - The vessel is trying to move its cargo between islands and avoid brigands who would seek to take it. Jobbers are paid by the league point. Ye can configure the amount to pay per working jobber, and the pay will be split based on their performance.
  • Blockading - The vessel is participating in a blockade. Jobbers are paid through the vessel's flag's blockade job offer, which are set by the royalty of the flag. Ye may only designate a vessel as blockading if ye are at an island where yer flag has an open job offer.
  • Greeter Pillaging - The vessel is on a training mission, run by a greeter. New pirates are encouraged to board these vessels to learn the ropes. Cannonballs and rum are not consumed on these voyages, but less loot is pillaged from enemy vessels. New pirates are paid an average of 10 pieces of eight per league in addition to what they earn as their share of the booty. Only greeters may designate a vessel as on a greeter pillage.
  • Swabbie Ship Transport - For a fee, swabbies will safely transport yer empty ship from one island to another.
  • Flotilla Attack - The vessel is sailing forth to engage a Brigand King flotilla. The voyage is otherwise similar to pillaging, just with a special destination!
  • Sea Monsters - The vessel is venturing into the dangerous waters of a Sea Monster Lair. In order to set sail on such a voyage all pirates aboard must be equipped with a subscription or a bravery badge. While approaching and leaving the lair, the voyage is otherwise similar to pillaging.
  • Evading - Intended to be used by captains when they deem the voyage over and decide it's time to head back to port. Unlike trading, the crew are not paid from the hold. The "evade" voyage type can be set while a vessel is at sea. However, it is important to note that once a ship is set to evade, it cannot be changed to another voyage type until the vessel reaches port.

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