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The Oceans of Fun


The world of Puzzle Pirates is split into separate and distinct oceans, each with their own populations of pirates, a distinctive name (such as 'Cerulean' or 'Meridian'), and in some cases, slightly different sets of rules and content. When you first create a pirate, you will likely find your home on a random ocean.

Choosing a New Ocean

At any time after creating an account, you can choose to play on a different ocean from the login screen. Note, however, that when you go to a new ocean, you will have to create a new pirate to live there: there is no way to move existing pirates from one ocean to the other.

Subscription Oceans

On a subscription ocean, you will be able to play and enjoy a lot of the game for free, but to access certain types of content, such as specific items, puzzles, and activities, you must purchase a subscription. See the Subscriptions FAQ for more details.

The currently available subscription ocean is called Cerulean.

Doubloon Oceans

Doubloon oceans, on the other hand, utilize a different type of payment system. Puzzle Pirates is free-to-play on a doubloon ocean, but in order to enjoy certain privileges such as becoming an officer or engaging in exciting sea monster hunts, one must pay a nominal fee in doubloons, an in-game currency that can be purchased for real-life money or traded for from other players. See the Doubloons FAQ for more details.

The currently available doubloon oceans are named Meridian and Emerald.

International Oceans

At present, we have two alternate-language oceans geared toward players located outside of the United States, where Puzzle Pirates is based.

Opal is a doubloon ocean for German language speakers. Opal is fully localized, with all the game text in German.

Jade is a doubloon ocean for Spanish language speakers, and like Opal, is fully localized, with all in-game text in Spanish.

About the Ice Test Server

Ice is a testing ocean that will often run a preview of upcoming game updates. In order to play on Ice, one has to install a distinct 'test' client, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

While Ice should operate normally most of the time, it may occasionally have bugs and other problems. Your pirates and other possessions on Ice should be considered non-permanent: while we generally endeavor not to delete anything accumulated by players on Ice, future releases and game issues may necessitate such a server wipe.

Ice is only available to subscribers and players who have purchased doubloon packages from us.

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