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The Puzzles


Arrr! Puzzling! The heart o' every pirate's life! We have three principal kinds of puzzles in Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates:

Skills o' Piracy

When upon the high seas, a pirate needs her wits and puzzlin' skills about her. The skills o' piracy are related to the various duty stations manned aboard ship, and they be:

  • Bilge Pumping fer clearing the hull o' the bilge water that slows the vessel down
  • Sailing, brings the vessel up to speed
  • Rigging, an alternative method for bringing a ship up to speed
  • Navigation, keeps her on course and helps acceleration
  • Gunnery, for loading the cannons in battle
  • Carpentry, for repairing damage from rocks, shots, and the cruel seas
  • Patching, for repairing a sail's wear and tear, as well as sea battle damage
  • Treasure Haul, for plundering booty from sunken vessels

In addition, when a Sea Battle concludes with boarding, all the pirates aboard engage in Swordfighting or a Rumble!

Crafting Puzzles

As exciting as shipboard life be, let's not forget the noble labor that one can perform in a shop while ashore. Currently, the laborin' puzzles available to pirates be:

These puzzles can be played in their respective shops, often earning you a pretty penny for your labor!


After a hard day's piracy or laboring, a pirate likes nothing better than to relax in the Inn and indulge in a little carousing. The following carousing games are there for all to play:

Puzzle Scoring

More information on puzzle standings, experience or how the puzzles are scored can be found here.


Of the above games, Swordfighting, Rumble, Drinking and Treasure Drop can be played in Tournaments.

Puzzle Competitions

If tournaments are not enough competition for ye, then there are also ocean-wide Puzzle Competitions in various seafaring and crafting puzzles.

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