The Spyglass

A Letter from the Captain

December 8, 2008


Ahoy Mates!

I am incredibly proud to celebrate five years of Puzzling Piracy with you, our loyal players. Over 250 million hours of Puzzling! 4 million PP accounts! And, let's not forget the one and a half million forum posts.

We've navigated from our home cove on Azure out on to the wide seven seas (Cobalt, Hunter, Malachite, Midnight, Opal, Sage, and Viridian). Along the way, we've seen innumerable additions to Puzzle Pirates; a few are listed here:


  • Launch!


  • Blockades, Flags, and war!
  • Island colonization
  • Bazaars
  • The Alchemistry Puzzle!
  • Spades!


  • The Cobalt, Sage and Viridian Oceans!
  • The Shipwrightery Puzzle
  • Missions
  • Portraits!
  • Hearts
  • Treasure Drop


  • The Hunter and Opal Oceans!
  • Rumble!
  • Brigand Kings!
  • Piratey Pets!


  • Brigand King Blockades!
  • Atlantis!
  • Flotillas!
  • Treasure Haul
  • The Blacksmithing Puzzle


  • The Malachite Ocean!
  • The Cursed Isles!
  • Puzzle Pirates Adventures
  • Puzzle competitions!
  • The Foraging Puzzle!

A big "Arrr!" to all the Pirates out there that have made Puzzle Pirates a continued success. A bountiful "Arr, Matey!" to the loyal crew from 2003 still playing (we know who you are, ye scallywags). And, finally, our thanks to the trusty Ocean Masters that have kept the peace these five long years.

We're recognizing all the Old Pirates out there with a special trophy for their years of service -- please hop on board to claim yours, and we'll look forward to seeing you in 2013!

Thanks again and fair winds,

Capn Cleaver, aka Daniel James, CEO Three Rings


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