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About Payments

Puzzle Pirates is a game you can play for free. Many players have enjoyed the game for years without ever making a purchase.

In the game, pirates earn pieces of eight, our in-game currency. Pieces of eight are earned as a reward for sailing out, pillaging ships, and taking their treasure. Pieces of eight (also known as "PoE") can be used to obtain your own ship, buy pirate clothes, and generally live the pirate life. There are, however, certain limits on what you can do with your PoE if you remain a free-to-play player. These limits do not affect the length of time you may play, the amount of PoE you can earn, or how good a pirate you can be.

You can enhance your experience of the game in one of two ways. Puzzle Pirates is divided into five oceans, each of which is classified as either a doubloon ocean or a subscription ocean.

  • If you are sailing on a subscription ocean, you may choose to subscribe with a monthly payment, either on a one-time or recurring basis. Subscription allows you to play certain additional puzzles, become a ship's captain and enjoy other advanced features of the game. Subscription gets you access to all of the additional features of the game for one price, similar to a prix fixe menu in a restaurant.
  • If you are sailing on a doubloon ocean, you may purchase doubloons. Doubloons can be used to unlock only those additional parts of the game that you wish to play. As an example, you may wish to use doubloons to buy a captain's badge, making you eligible to captain a ship, but pass on purchasing a labor badge, something that you would need to work at one of the game's many shoppes. Using doubloons involves unlocking the game features you'd like most from a menu of choices, similar to an à la carte menu.

When you start playing Puzzle Pirates, you will randomly join either a subscription ocean (Cerulean) or a doubloon ocean (Meridian or Emerald). If you decide you enjoy Puzzle Pirates, you are free to start a new pirate on any ocean you choose. See which one you enjoy the most!

If you do decide to purchase a subscription or doubloons, you can do so by logging on to your account here.

If you'd like to learn more about the different payment options we have available, you can check those out here.

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